Full Service Reduced Commission

Our Model

 First Priority Realty charges HALF of the prevailing listing commission. We charge only 1.5%!

So why not reduce the selling side too? We put you in the MLS at 2.5%!

Well, the industry is changing all right, but not a lot on the selling side. Agents who are working with Buyers are still spending countless hours researching properties, arranging home tours, driving all over several counties showing houses, plus handling texts, tweets, emails, and phone calls at all hours of the day and night. It is a tremendous outlay of time, energy, and expense that seems to have only increased with the advent of the new technology. We’re concerned that if we cut the selling side we’ll make our listings a little less attractive to commission-only salespeople. Right now they make just as much money selling a First Priority Realty listing as they do selling any other company’s listing.

How much does that save you?

On a $200,000 listing you would save $4,000!

Why do we do it?

 Before the explosion of the Internet, it was very expensive to gain exposure for your Real Estate Brokerage. It required HUGE newspaper ads, radio and TV campaigns, mass mailings to your “farm area” subdivisions, not to mention large, impressive brick and mortar office buildings. But due to the Internet, even the smallest Mom & Pop real estate company can get worldwide exposure. You see, once a listing is placed in a local Realtor multiple listing service, it uploads to Realtor.com and the rest is history. It quickly spreads to Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Real Estate, MSN, AOL Real Estate, Homes.com…. the list goes on and on. 

 First Priority Realty has a HUGE online presence and a modest brick and mortar presence. Simply put….



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