Reduced Commission

Why Pay More, If You Can Save!

firstPriority Realty LLC

Maintain a Balance

Although Realtors' commissions are not fixed and are completely negotiable, as a general rule, Realtors collect 6% of the sale price as their commission. (Higher priced listings may be charged less, i.e., 5% or sometimes 4%.)


The commission is generally split evenly between the listing company and the selling (or buyers) company. Listing Company 3%, Selling Company 3%. Total commission paid by Seller: 6%


First Priority Realty charges HALF of the prevailing listing commission.

First Priority Realty: 1.5%

Selling company: 2.5%

Total commission paid by seller: 4%

The savings can be substantial!

We are a FULL-SERVICE REDUCED COMMISSION local Real Estate Company, and we pass the savings on to you! On a $200,000 listing, you save $4,000!!!